High Pure Gases

INDOGAS has the perfect solution for ultra high pure gas requirement particularly as Carrier Gas or Zero Gas in varied applications of GC and other measuring instruments related to the field. Impurities are analyzed and certified to use in specific application. Our ultra high pure gases control critical contaminants minimizing the risk of chromatographic column degradation and interference in the functioning of instruments. We maintain the high purity levels of our gases by subjecting them to statistical quality control, thorough process of gas cylinder preparation and dedicating gas cylinders.

Argon – purity 99.9993%

Oxygen – purity 99.85%

Dissolved Acetylene – purity> 98%

Nitrogen – purity 99.9992%

Hydrogen – purity 99.9988%

Zero air- (79%N2+21%O2)

Helium Grade 4.5 – 99.995%

Nitrous oxide – purity >98%

Carbon-di-oxide – purity 99%

Methane – purity 99.5%